Maciej Maryl

Maciej Maryl, Ph.D., assistant professor and Deputy Director of the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences; head of the Digital Humanities Centre. Literary scholar, sociologist, translator. He graduated from University of Warsaw in Polish Philology and Applied Social Sciences. He completed the “Artes Liberales” Academy program and attended doctoral studies at the Graduate School for Social Research (GSSR). He was awarded scholarships of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Foundation for Polish Science and the Fulbright Junior Advanced Research Grant. He has published articles and translations in Teksty Drugie, Pamiętnik Literacki, LiteRacje, Fragile. He is a member of Teksty Drugie Editorial Board.

In 2013 he defended the Ph.D. thesis dedicated to the literary life online. His research interests cover literary communication, multimedia writing, digital editorship, digital humanities and relationships between technology and culture.