We create digital infrastructures for the humanities and social sciences. We create the future.

Digital Humanities Centre at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CHC IBL PAN) has been coordinating activities related to the construction and use of infrastructure for literary and cultural research since 2013. The tools, services and methods we develop are aimed at all stages of the research process, from discovery and storying assets to their analysis and publication. In its activities, the CHC is guided by the FAIR principles and the rules of open science. 

CHC undertakings also aim at integration to Polish studies research community and to disseminate the knowledge about Polish literature and culture. CHC cooperates with major European research infrastructures in the humanities and social sciences (OPERAS, DARIAH, CLARIN), as well as their national branches. In Poland, CHC functions as the national node OPERAS-PL.

Main areas of activity:

Digital scholarly editions using the TEI standard
Extended monographs 
Platforms for scholarly communication
Literary databases
Computational research into literature and culture