Director: Maciej Maryl, Ph.D. maciej.maryl@ibl.waw.pl
Coordinator: Aleksandra Wójtowicz, M.A. aleksandra.wojtowicz@ibl.waw.pl

About Us

The Digital Humanities Centre at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences was founded in October 2013. We coordinate between researchers on individual projects and representatives of the Institute’s research, documentation and administrative units:

  • The Institute’s Directorate
  • The Historical Poetics Department
  • The Contemporary Literature Documentation Department
  • The Centre for Philological and Editorial Research
  • The Renaissance and Baroque Literature Department
  • The 16th-Century Polish Language Dictionary Department
  • Research Services
  • The Library
  • The Archive
  • The IT and Web Portal Management Team
  • We work with the Second Half of the 19th Century Literature Department at the Institute of Literary Research at the Polish Academy of Sciences (a PrusPlus project) as well as with the Department of Textology and Editorship at the Catholic University of Lublin.

What We Do

  • To connect various research projects related to digitisation
  • To develop tools and IT resources that will provide stable platforms facilitating digital publications
  • To develop and implement a coherent concept that will integrate IBL PAN with the digital humanities
  • To use new technologies in literary studies and  conduct research into new technologies
  • To construct a unified base for all bibliographical projects at IBL PAN (Knowledge Base)
  • To create platforms facilitating the publication of research findings (developing repositories and the Panorama of Polish Literature)
  • To create a strong centre for scholarly digital editing and to carry out editorial projects
  • To help establish partnerships with other digital humanities centres and IT teams
  • To provide support with the use of IT tools in research
  • To assist with funding opportunities for digital projects

Our Vision

It is crucial that researchers help integrate traditional humanistic values with internet culture. Characteristic of the age of print, those values have receded into the background in today’s culture of multi-tasking and nonlinear reception. Our twofold challenge is to digitize the humanities while ‘humanizing’ the digital environment.

Our Key Areas

Our Events

Some of the events we organised at CHC are:

  • The conference Texts of participatory culture, 7-8 November 2013
  • THATCamp Warszawa (The Humanities and Technology Camp), 6 November 2013
  • A meeting for deans of Polish Studies departments to discuss the relaunching of the Polish Studies Newsletter, IBL PAN, Warsaw, 4 April 2014
  • Stylometric analysis workshop (Dr. Jan Rybicki, Dr. Maciej Eder), 13-14 June 2014.