Dictionary of the 16th-Century Polish Language

CHC Coordinator: Krzysztof Opaliński

Two projects funded by NPRH MNiSW grants (under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s National Programme for the Development of Humanities) are being carried out at the 16th-Century Polish Language Dictionary Department in Toruń. They continue editorial work while also digitising the 16th-Century Polish Language Dictionary along with its entire database of materials. Some volumes of the dictionary have already been made available as scans in DjVu format. The proposed SpXVI electronic version presents the dictionary’s text in XML. Documents in XML format will be uploaded in a MySQL database. Data management is assured by an application programmed in the language Python and controlled by the framework Django. An index of items comes to form the basis for the electronic dictionary. It is possible to access articles linked to individual items from the level of that index, but a network of inter-item connections (cross references) is also provided.